Something for Everyone

It seems that YouTube isn’t as big of a fad like it was a few years ago. We all come across the fads of different websites that everyone is either talking about or using. For a while it was YouTube, FormSpring, Last.FM, Tweeria and now, Instagram. Many of this websites pass and people move on. The websites often stay around, but are talked about and used less. Once active users move on to other sites.

The websites come and go rather quickly. YouTube has been one of those fad websites that’s become a rather huge hit! It’s still updated by millions of people every day. People access it on a daily basis. Even over the years, it’s remained to keep its activity and users, still growing and expanding every day. More and new videos are constantly being uploaded. It’s a great place to discover new music and artists!

YouTube is filled with everything from music to art, from tutorials or fashion. Everything you want, you can find it somewhere on YouTube. Movies and TV episodes. Some things there come and go, but they’re always quick to return. It’s a never-ending directory basically, filled with new things to learn and see and hear. You can be introduced to covers of your favourite songs, meet up and coming artists and more.

Personally, I’m a big fan of fashion – make up and hair mostly, as well as the music industry. So most of my time spent on YouTube is listening to such things. I love music and I love to discover new music artists. Jpop and kpop are my favourites, but it’s nice to find others. You never know who or what you might come across and end up liking. I love to look at different users and their favourites or their uploads. Just to see what others are into.

You can go onto YouTube for one thing and end up staying for hours! Seeing cute kittens, someone doing something foolish, a person’s video dairy, and so much more. There’s so much to keep you entertained for hours on end without stop. Before you realize it, you’ve just wasted your time away on the site!

I can’t tell you all how many days I’ve spent just wasting my time on YouTube. I’ll go on for one or two things and stay for hours. By the end of the day, all the stuff that I should have gotten done, was put off and left undone, due to my watching of YouTube videos. I can’t say that i don’t enjoy YouTube a lot, but it’s not good to go onto when you have other work that needs to get done.

What I really like about the website, is that’s not based for just people in one country or the other. It’s not for people who only like this or that. It’s for people who like this and that. It has something for everyone. That’s what I like the best! It’s not aimed towards one or two groups of people. It’s aimed towards everyone.

I really recommend checking out YouTube if you haven’t already. It’s a really great website. If you don’t love it, keep looking. I’m sure that you’ll find something you love on it! 🙂 Enjoy!

REFERENCES: YouTube, FormSpring, Last.FMTweeria, Instagram


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