ListingAdmin: Adding Updates to Your Collective

This is a simple step-by-step tutorial for all those who are wondering or having trouble figuring out how to add updates to their collective through ListingAdmin. Now, I just wish to be clear, by collective, I mean your fan listing collective, not your ListingAdmin control panel.

  1. Sign into your ListingAdmin control panel.
  2. Go to “Display Codes”.
  3. Under “collective” (not listing), click on “Updates” and copy the code given.
  4. Place that copy anywhere you want your updates to display. This code will only work on your collective though, not individual fan listings.
  5. Now, for updating your updates, it depends on which version of ListingAdmin you have.
    – For ListingAdmin 2.2, (I believe) you just click on “Updates” (from the link list on the left) and then select “Add a Update”. On the right it should have a list of your fan listings. Select “Whole Collective” (or something along those lines).
    – For ListingAdmin 2.3 Alpha, you have to click on the [+] next to “Addons”. A drop down will appear where you can then select “Updates”. In the top right hand corner click on “Add Update”. This time the list of fan listings is on the left. Select the box next to “Whole Collective”.

That’s it! It’s really quite simple, but when you’re new or unfamiliar with the script, it can be confusing in getting started. So never be embarrassed to ask for help! We all need help at times. If you have any issues or questions, don’t hesitate to comment here or just send me a message.

My fan listing collective can be found at A Love Letter.


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