That’s Not Your’s to Edit!

I am so upset! I worked so hard in coding this layout for someone and I specifically told them that they weren’t allowed to edit the coding. So what did they do? Edit the coding! She even lied to me about doing such a thing! As if I were stupid or something. I couldn’t believe it.

Before I gave her the layout, I even asked her if there was anything she wished for me to change. I would have been more then happy to edit it for her. She told me that she loved it just the way it was.

I wouldn’t believe it when I saw all the edits to the coding and she had the nerve to ask for help because she “broke” the layout! I did this layout for her for free, as a request, as a favor! I did it for her because she was my friend and this was how she thanked me? I was so upset about this. How offended did she think I would be by just editing my coding. It was mine!

How would she feel if someone just took her graphics and edited them without her permission. I was so hurt and upset and just completely betrayed. It’s like she stole from me! I worked so very hard on that layout and she just completely disrespected me by editing my coding after I specifically asked her not too. She disrespected all of my hard work…

I worked so hard on that layout because she was my friend and this was how she thanked me? How could she?

Here is the layout I made for her: Mine
Here is what she did to it: My Friend’s Edit.


Screen shots to compare the CSS edits can be seen below. Click to enlarge.

My original CSS: jin

The edited CSS: pim


2 thoughts on “That’s Not Your’s to Edit!

  1. I totally know how you feel. Well, along the same lines anyway. Back when I owned a domain, I had a request for graphics section which was one where I’d take requests for custom layouts with the coding etc, wallpapers, icons, banners you name it. I had a set of rules though and one of the rules was to not request for a graphic if you weren’t going to use it. But I had countless number of people request for them with details of what they wanted, we exchanged emails through my working on it leaving enough room for them to tell me if there was something they didn’t like. And by the end of it, the layouts were always exactly what they wanted and I’d get excited thank yous blah blah. Next thing I know, they don’t use it at all! A waste of layouts. A waste of my time.

  2. Hello. I know what your feel! This person requested so many layouts from me.
    She edited the layout and css without my permission! I said to her, if she has wishes, I would change the css etc. But she didn’t have any wishes! And when I visited her website, I saw the layout and she changed the layout and css! And she asked for help, because she broke the layout. I worked so hard on the layout and she broke it, because she didn’t know any basics of html!

    Every Layout I made for her, she broke it!! Im so upset with her, I know your feelings!
    And the best, she asked me for changing the sidebar! And I did it, because she didn’t like the current sidebar. BUT at the first time she liked the sidebar and the layout!? Whats wrong with her?

    I changed it, and then suddenly she changed her mind, and won’t use the changed layout! All the hard work for nothing?! A waste of time!

    And the mean thing on this is, she is changing her layouts very often! Every week/two weeks, she has a new layout on her website. The hard work for only one week and then she wants a new layout and request a new one from me or other people?

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