Studio Ghibli: The Rumor They’re Shutting Down

Many of us who are fans of Studio Ghibli have likely heard this rumor by now. It’s gone nearly viral at this point. The simplicity of the matter is that people have just changed a single word to turn one meaning into another. Studio Ghibli is not shutting down or closing or stopping production of their animated films. They are, however, temporarily halting productions of any current or upcoming films. This is all due to the retirement of 73 year old, Hayao Miyazaki.

In regards to the matter, this all should really come as no surprise. Hayao Miyazaki is not only a director of the films, but he is also the main writer of nearly all of their animated movies. He is the writer of so many of Studio Ghibli films. So his choosing to retire, though he did give warning to his retirement, the company still has very big shoes to fill.

Hayao Miyazaki is a huge loss to the company and I am very sorry to see him go. I understand why though. He’s been saying over the years that he would be retiring and the time has finally come. He’s 73 years old, most don’t continue working so hard into such an age. Many retire in their 40’s or 50’s. So he’s been working for quite a long time and he really deserves a break. He is a great and amazingly talented man. He’s brought us so many unique and thrilling stories that no other can compare to.

Studio Ghibli is going to have a hard time trying to fill his shoes. Finding someone who can even remotely replace him will not be an easy task. It’s really no surprise that they are temporarily stopping productions of any new current projects. They really have no choice for the time being. At least until they can find someone or multiple someones who can do the job that he has been doing for all these years.

My closing statement is to just remind everyone that Studio Ghibli is not closing or shutting down permanently, by any means. They are only going on a temporary hiatus basically. We can’t be sure for how long, but at some point they will return. Until then, we have been gifted with many amazing and unique animated films, movies, and even some live action films!