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Loss of a Child

I signed into Twitter today and was immediately bombarded with tweets regarding not one, but two school killing sprees. One happened in Connecticut, USA in the kindergarten school located in the small town of Newtown consisting of only twenty-seven thousand people. About thirty people were killed, including eighteen adults. It was a shooting to which the killer, made the young children watch as he executed the other children execution style. It was terrible.

The second attack was over in a primary school in Beijing, China within Henan Province. In this attack, thankfully, no one was killed however many children and an elderly lady were severely injured. One child is reported to have a skull fracture.

It’s terrible what happened in these two schools. I am so thankful that no one has died in the Beijing based attack. Right now, I cannot imagine or even dream of how the families in Connecticut are feeling. It’s so close to Christmas. All those parents are surely wishing for their Christmas gifts to be their children’s smiling faces again. Which they will never again see. Its terrible. How heartless can someone be to hurt a child?

Having two daughters of my own, both being very young, I can just imagine how hard it is. I would be absolutely lost if either of my children were hurt – or worse. I don’t think I could handle the heart break. It would just be too much.

A parent with their child, I cannot even begin to explain it. What a child does to you when you have one. They can never be replaced. No one and nothing makes you feel the way your child does when you see them. Even when they fuss, cry, throw temper tantrums, or just don’t listen, nothing they do could ever make you love them any less. You will always be happy to see them, always love them, and always have this amazing and heartfelt feeling inside. No one can replace it. Nothing can compare to it. Its your child. If someone stole that away from you, its devastating, crushing.

Tonight, with my children and their father, we are going to have a moment of silence for those families who lost their precious children this terrible day. I ask that you all take a moment to be silent and just say a prayer. Religious it doesn’t matter. Whatever god you believe in, just take a moment to remember those children and their families because nothing is harder then the loss of a child.