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Pit Stop

Hello everyone! Yes, this is Jinnienn from Lullaby-Dreams. I’m staying here temporarily until the domain can be renewed or replaced. I’ve been wanting and wanting to blog, but with no blog, that’s not very possible. I was at a stand still with what to do. I didn’t want to apply for hosting with some sub domain that I may only use for a short while.

While browsing the web, I came across another site using WordPress.com for their blog. It gave me the idea. Sign up was easy and setting up my site only took a few minutes. I highly dislike the dashboard, but its free. I’m glad that I won’t be using it for long.

I went into my yahoo today and I guess they upgraded. I don’t like the change. Its not a big change, its just got a more glossy look and feel to it really. I’ll get used to it, I know. It will just take a bit of time. I just preferred the way that it used to be. I usually like change, but maybe I’ve grown too comfortable with my email and website dashboards.

Change always takes time to get used too though. Its about moving into something different. May it be a different pattern, way of life, or just the feel of something. For some change is easy, for others its hard. Everyone goes through it a little differently. We all go through change at some point in our lives though.

For the basic change of my email, I’ll accept it and be used to it within the week. It just wasn’t something nice to see upon signing in this morning. No email about an upgrade from Yahoo either. That would have been nice. I even checked my spam. They usually email me about every little thing they do. Now the one time I wish they would email me, they didn’t. That was rather strange.

I’ll stop with my complaining now and sign off. 🙂 I hope to blog a lot more now that I have a blog again. I’ll transfer all posts to my domain when it returns!