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Adding Recipes!

In recent days I have been struggling on what i could possibly blog about. My life really isn’t interesting. It’s… normal, in all sense of the word. My fiance works, my children are now both in the educational system and I’m a simple house wife. It can become hard to keep up a blog when your life is as simple as mine. I really don’t believe that any of you would wish to hear about my every day routine, as it doesn’t change too much.

A few days ago, I went to fiance, Kevin, in hopes of ideas on what i could possibly blog about. We went through a rather dull list before he suggested that I post up recipes. I cook a lot for my family. Some recipes are from cookbooks, some passed down through my family, others I learned on my own, and some I just came across one place or the other. At his idea and suggestion, I thought it would be fun to share them! He thought it would be a good idea also, of course!

So from this point on, I’ll be posting up some random recipes for you to enjoy! Just a small word of caution, I’ve never shared any of my recipes before. This is all new to me. So any tips, ideas, or suggestions would be absolutely wonderful!

Thank you all very much! I hope that you all can enjoy!

And yes, I will continue to blog about interesting things as they come up. 🙂 This will not be or turn into a recipe only blog. I love blogging – when i have something to blog about!