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ListingAdmin: Importing Members

Before we begin, let me make this clear. This tutorial will only work for ListingAdmin 2.3 Alpha. I do not know if it will work for ListingAdmin 2.4 Alpha. I also know that importing for ListingAdmin 2.2 is very different. This tutorial is only for 2.3 Alpha.

Now, this may seem a little complicated, but it’s really not. It’s actually quite easy, but a lot of steps.

  1. Create another database. I called my alove_imports with username as alove_imports as well. Simple and easy, right?
  2. Open PHPMyAdmin and go to ‘Databases’ then select the new database (for me it’s “alove_imports”).
  3. Click on ‘import’.
  4. Click on ‘choose file’ and select the members list (in SQL format) that you wish to import. Import the file.
  5. Leave PHPMyAdmin open and go to another tab. Open your ListingAdmin control panel in another tab or window of your web browser. Go to ‘options’ and than to ‘Import / Export’.
  6. Select the script your importing from. Where it asks you ‘are you importing a file’, don’t put anything. Don’t select a file or anything. Just go down to the next question.
  7. For the ‘Listing ID’ question, you put in the ID number of your fan listing. This is the new listing ID number. The ID of the fan listing your importing the members to. You can also ignore old listing ID. You shouldn’t need to fill this out.
  8. Now for the database information. Fill it out as followed but with your own information. The database information that goes here is not for the fan listing database. It is for the new database, the import database that we created in step 1.
    Database Host:  localhost
    Database Username:  alove_imports
    Database Password: ———password here——-
    Database Name:  alove_imports
    Table Name:  socks
  9. The table name is the name of the members list that you wish to import. You can find out what the table name is by looking back at the PHPMyAdmin page that we left open before. Just go to PHPMyAdmin, click on alove_imports (or whatever you named your database for the imports), and look for the members list that you imported a short while ago. Copy the table name exactly how you see it. In my experience, caps do make a difference.
    PS. I included a screenshot. My members list was for socks, the table was called socks. The table name was called socks. But, in another case, for a different listing, it may have been called ‘fanlisting_izumo’ in which case, I would have put ‘fanlisting_izumo’ for the ta ble name.
  10. Once you’ve finished filling out the form just press ‘Edit Options’.
If you come across any errors, just let me know! In my case, I did come across an error while importing because someone had their name  too long, so it wouldn’t import. That’s a fairly easy fix. A little frustrating, but easy to fix anyway. I’m here to answer any of your questions if you come across any issues!
I hope that this helps you all. I know it’s a little complicated, so if you have any problems, don’t be afraid to ask. I really don’t mind answering. There are no stupid questions!
My fan listing collective can be found at A Love Letter.